Doing business with respect for people and the planet.


We optimize consumption and reduce waste.

We use photovoltaics to produce clean energy.

We respect the territory and make responsible use of resources


We feel a great responsibility towards the future of people and the planet.
This is why we are committed to making responsible decisions for the protection of environmental resources and for the well-being of all.

We are working to concretely contribute to the United Nations Global Goals.
We pay great attention to our sustainability policy: we respect the local area and promote the responsible use of natural resources. We implement a series of actions and behaviors that make our commitment a concrete reality.


We make responsible use of energy resources. We adopt technologies and operating practices that allow us to optimize electricity consumption while reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, we self-produce most of the energy used by our plants.


Water is a precious commodity. We pay close attention to the responsible use of water resources. We are committed to researching activities and ways to reduce water consumption in the various phases of the production process. In particular, our cleaning activities are carried out with a view to safe water.


Our management methods and waste disposal practices are particularly accurate and comply with the law. Our commitment is aimed at reducing waste and recycling waste materials to reduce the environmental impact of our production process.


Social commitment has always been part of our sense of responsibility and is rooted in our values.
Today it is defined as ‘corporate citizenship’ to indicate a sense of belonging to society as a whole.

Anatolia supports social projects in the area aimed at education and social integration.